WoWInterface UI Manager

WoWInterface UI Manager 0.2

It's a tool designed to keep track of installed WOW addons and updating them
0.2.10 (See all)

The WoWInterface UI Manager is a tool designed to help you keep track of installed addons, and assist in updating them quickly and easily. The UI Manager uses an internal API of WoWInterface so you can be sure it will continue to work even when site layout changes or if you choose a new skin.
Main features :
- One-click Check allows the UI Manager to run through all of your addons quickly without any intervention. Any addons that do need to be updated will wait for your approval before continuing.
- Multithreaded design allows for maximum use of your internet connection, processing complex compression for backup files while downloading other files at the same time.
- Connection to the WoWInterface user database to retrieve your favorites list.
- Automatic backups before every install
- All updates are compared against MD5 hashes before being installed to ensure security.

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